An exploration of pain from the world of art - EL COMERCIO3

Published 15/06/2016

'Let's talk about pain [temporary title]' is a long-term project that artist Sara Roitman began on January 1st, 2016, and will end on January 1st, 2017. 

An interdisciplinary and itinerant project, curated by Hernán Pacurucu, who has already presented four activities in Quito and one in Cuenca.

The last of these exhibits was 'Ruptures’, which was inaugurated on May 31st, in Z Life Style Gallery. An installation of texts and photographs, staged in a long, black corridor, confronts visitors with the pain of romantic and family ruptures.

'You never said I’m sorry', 'You abandoned me', 'I don't feel guilty, but it hurts'... In 'Ruptures', many of these phrases accompany images of people whose faces are undecipherable.

In this exhibit, pain becomes visible through intimacy; something that is rarely said but is universal: abandonment.

'Let's talk about pain' reflects on mourning, gender violence, material and emotional loss. In April, Roitman presented 'Kadish', an installation with clothes, shoes, texts and photographs inspired by a mourning prayer of Jewish origin in Aramaic that is said in public: the crucial signal of love and respect that a person shows to those who have died.

For Roitman, this installation was a way to commemorate the people who died in the April 16th earthquake. This installation was exhibited in some empty premises in Avenida González Suárez, in the north of Quito. Its motto: "We are mourning, let art be our meeting point".