Published 02/08/2016

Tattoo art, its symbols and what it represents in each person, lead to discover a fascinating world of constructions of other bodies and new languages. Pain is implicit in every image, which leads us to reflect on pain, pleasure and art. 

I am pleased to share with everyone the work of the month of July, a visual essay in "photobook” format, within the framework of the project "LET'S TALK ABOUT PAIN [temporary title]". 

Title of the work: TINTATTOO 

It consists of a visual essay that focuses on tattooed skin, and feeling that pain is implicit in tattoo art. 

I would like to thank all those tattooed people who opened up their hearts with their incredible histories, and allowed me to get closer to their tattooed skins. 

I share with you some pictures of the photobook that gathers this visual essay.